4K60Hz Dual Input PiP De-Interlacer/Scaler/Warping/Edge-blending LSI

The IP00C341 is an enhanced multi-functional image processing LSI with de-interlacer, scaler, warping and edge-blending circuitry.

Up to 4K60Hz dual input images are fully independently enlarged, shrunk and de-interlaced with PiP/PoP output images.

It features an embedded warp table generator that implements real-time image processing for H and V keystone correction and pin-cushion correction.

In addition, high-performance functions such as PQ and HLG HDR systems(10-bit) and 3DLUT for color management are also integrated.

The IP00C341 is an ideal device for a wide range of high performance video applications like projectors, laser TVs, and monitors.



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