4K60Hz/120Hz Supported Warping/Edge-Blending LSI

The IP00C381 is an all-in-one warping and edge-blending solution with a maximum 1,333Mpixel/sec signal processing capability.

Thanks to 4K (up to 4096×2400) 60Hz input and output capability, 4K120Hz image processing and additional formats such as WQXGA (2560×1600) 120Hz are supported.

It features an embedded warp table generator that implements real-time image processing for H and V keystone correction and pin-cushion correction.

Edge-blending for white peaking and per pixel correction of edge-blending, results in higher performance image quality and products.

Any angle rotation is available with 4K60Hz input/output and therefore the device can used in a wide range of applications.



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