12-Bit De-interlacer/Scaler LSI

The IP00C706 is an advanced image processor that performs de-interlacing, scaling and other image processing functions in full 12-bit/color resolution.

The IP00C706 features a motion-adaptive de-interlacer in the YUV444/RGB format together with a spatial filter for scaling to produce superior image quality.

The IP00C706 also features i-Chips’s proprietary 3D LUT, allowing full color management for reproducing exact colors.

3D LUT’s are preferred for accurate color control, as they provide for full volumetric color space control.

In addition, the IP00C706 supports state-of-the-art per-pixel uniformity correction for OLED displays.

The IP00C706 is an ideal solution for applications requiring the highest degree of image quality at a lower price than other comparable solutions.



Horizontal Active Pixels



Image Quality Control

Noise Reduction

Edge Peaking Function

4K Support

Image Manipulation



External Memory

Bitmap OSD

Power Supply