Quad Input/Output De-interlacer/Scaler for 4K LSI

The IPOOC732 is a single-chip solution for high-resolution displays such as 4K2K or 2560x1600.

It can also be configured to drive a single 1080P or WUXGA output with 4 input images tiled together on a single output.

The IPOOC732 has 4 input channels at 166M pixels/sec. each, in either RGB, YUV4:2:2 or YUV4:4:4 formats.

It features 4 independent scaler blocks, with full 10-bit internal processing.

The IPOOC732 has a powerful output overlay block that is fully programmable to suit different types of applications.

The overlay block can be programmed to superimpose all 4 inputs in any combination with alpha blending or color key blending.

When used on a single high-resolution display, the IPOOC732 has a state-of-the-art image overlap feature to produce a seamless image without any artifacts.

The IPOOC732 is an ideal solution to replace an FPGA which would require a significant amount of external memory and glue logic.

The advantages of the IPOOC732 are reduced board space, ease of programming, and cost.


Typical applications for the IPOOC732 are:




Bitmap OSD


Image Quality Control

External Memory

Power Supply


IP00C732 Block Diagram