2K Dual Input PiP De-interlacer/Scaler/Warping/Edge-blending LSI

The IPOOC751 is a complete 10-bit PiP solution up to 162 Mpixels/sec. output.

It features 2independent de-interlacer and scaler blocks to handle 2 input video streams simultaneously, and drive a high-resolution output display such as 1080p and Wide-UXGA.

It provides a single-chip solution for display systems with Picture-in-Picture and Picture-out-of-Picture capability.

Deinterlacing is performed by motion-adaptive filters on each input image to eliminate artifacts when handling interlaced video formats, in order to produce a high-quality output image.



Image Size



PiP & PoP Functions

Bit Map OSD

Image Quality Control

External Memory

CPU Interface

Power Supply



IP00C751 Block Diagram